Sunday, December 9, 2012

KT's Jems (phone pics)

Audrey's been begging to go ice skating for a long time so Kyle finally took her recently. She did really well for her first time but concluded at the end she didn't ever want to do it again. "Too cold and icy". Not sure what she was expecting. Kyle said it was the fall in the above video that was the big dream crusher.
I got this shower cap at the dollar tree and it cracks me up.
KT just loves his Livy so much.
Audrey's art makes me laugh so hard. She always draws herself with long curly hair. She's always got a story for every picture. I'm going to start putting her little drawings on the blog when I remember to b/c I want to remember them.

The other day she said, "Mom, can you BELIEVE Jesus made me an artist-girl?!?!".
Audrey juiced a cranberry...drank it and couldn't get her face straight. SO SOUR.
Kyle was taking the girls for a walk the other day and then looked back for Audrey (she's always poking around in people's yards) and didn't see her. Then she called out to him and he found her in a tree. She's such a nut.
Kyle takes the girls to the pier to eat at Ruby's almost every Saturday. They end up in the water even when it's freezing. AND, with bird feathers...which makes me gag!

Liv is OBSESSED with this "choo-choo" at the mall. She rode it four times and cried for more.

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Natalie Thompson said...

Audrey kept asking me if I saw her ice skating video. I impressed with her skating for the first time! I'm sure she was reminded that every great Olympian skater has fallen time to time.

Tell Kyle the next time they go to the beach to invite grandma and grandpa. I'd stay with the girls while grandpa and Kyle surfed or paddle board around. :)