Sunday, February 19, 2012


It's tea time...all the time. Audrey has inherited two full, china tea sets. So we use them. I figure they're meant to be used and this way I don't feel gross drinking out of plastic tea sets. If they break we've got plenty more where they came from.

I've hidden Mary Poppins. I'm sick of the broom dancing and "cleaning".

Audrey is designing clothes for the barbies now. Just glad they're not for me anymore. Poor Ariel has been dragged all over town in a toilet paper roll.

Liv is like a dog...she waits and when nobody is looking eats things she's not supposed to. She LOOOOOOOVES chocolate.

Audrey rotates between several living spaces. I'm constantly destroying homes.

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Sarah Hull said...

all of this is killing me! I love it!!