Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter -2011

We had the Happiest Easter with our TWO girls! I was so excited for family, fun and of course matchy outfits for my gals!

The Easter Bunny left an adorable spread...if I do say so myself! I'm always looking for a way to use a plastic table cloth (it's the ghetto in me)! Audrey was most excited about her pumpkin seed tutu (thanks megan!).

Liv exploded out of her outfit before sacrament was even over and I had to toss her little tights.

We partied with both my family and Kyle's family. It was such a treat. Natalie cooked a wonderful dinner and the decor was adorable.


Jill said...

The girls are adorable--LOVE the matching! I'm all about it. And Audrey's face in the Easter basket is classic! Kids make holidays much more fun. Hope to see you guys soon and meet little Liv.

Hess Fam said...

I wish I could take that little clip of her excitement about the tutu and use it for advertising! :)
Happy Easter my friend!