Thursday, November 19, 2009

BIG 2-9

Last week I celebrated my 29th Bday. I had a wonderful bday week. I'm so glad my hub realizes that girls deserve an entire week to celebrate their bday! KT babysat Audrey every single night last week...bless his heart!

Rachel came over and gave me a free color...Audrey REALLY wanted her color done too but she settled for a couple high lights. (foils only)

Kyle has VERY strict gift giving rules. No gift is EVER given before the day of. So, I walked into the living room and it was like Christmas morning!!! I found this bad-boy all set up and ready to go. I didn't ask for it so I was TOTALLY surprised.

Audrey was with me (she drags me out of bed every morning) and she was just as surprised, she had the wrong idea though. She ran to the stroller screaming 'baby!' and peeked inside the sun shade to find no baby. I guess she thought somebody had dropped one off.

I spent the morning having breakfast at my fav spot with some of my fav friends!

Then off to Dland with NO KIDS (Thanks to my wonderful mother in law!) for the day with this fun gal! I pooped out before our night was done so she drove me to Bloomingdale's to finish the bday night off right.

I celebrated with my family later in the week. It was so fun to go out with everybody.

And, so good to see this little guy!

And, these little guys! I'm loving my Rachie's hair dark!

Kyle and I played house with baby Ryan...or Kyle did anyway. Audrey is CRACKING me up in this picture...her face is so washed out but she's def up to no good.

This guy is obsessed with his niece and nephew...he wants to hold them ALL THE TIME.

I enjoyed a super fun night out with the gals to celebrate. We have such a big fun group and I love them all.

Thanks everyone, for making my bday so much fun!


Hess Fam said...

Glad we could celebrate you!
Love Rachel's dark hair too!

A Rosie Family said...

Happy Birthday you sweet thing!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday!!

In that pic of you and Kyle, your hair just looks PERFECT!

What a great birthday week, I'll definitely be requesting that next go around! :)

Kellie said...

Sooooo fun! Happy Birthday to you! Kyle scores some big points for getting you a BOB!!! Go Kyle!

Brooke said...

Happy Birthday, Amy!!!!! Wow, an entire birthday week...Ryan won't even let me have a birthday weekend!!!! ;)

We love you!!! Glad it was a blast and that you were able to do all your favorite things....xo

Heather said...

That was such a fun week! Rachel's hair looks great!

Braden and Jodee said...

SO SO SO sad I missed all of your celebrations! I can NOT believe you are 29. You don't look a day over 23. :)