Friday, November 6, 2009

Audrey Lately

Just wanted to share a few things Audrey has been doing lately that make me smile.

Audrey fell in love with these pink boots in front of Grandma Natalie at Target so Grandma couldn't resist. They are worn EVERY DAY...I knew Audrey's boot day would come eventually.

Audrey has also started saying 'cheese' for the camera and posing which is WONDERFUL.

Audrey has started DEMANDING to wear certain items. The demands are a lot stronger when she is tired so bedtime is a lost cause these days. That tank top and flower bow were the demands of this night.

Audrey LOVES to 'pound it out' especially with daddy. She kisses all of her own owies. I don't even know she has been hurt until I see her kissing a body part.


Brooke said...

LOL...So FUN!!! I am so glad you are blogging regularly again!!! I love hearing about your family :)

Sarah Hull said...

I spy another Ella we've got on our hands!!!! That bedtime outfit about did me in!
It's a dream day when they say "cheese" and smile for the camera like that.... especially when it is a cute smile like Audrey's!

I too love the updated blogs! keep 'em comin'!

Kellie said...

She is BEAUTIFUL and HILARIOUS! She reminds me of someone... YOU! I love that girl. SO funny that she wanted to wear that tank top to bed! And the flower! hahaha Grandma Nat is a total sucker for her grand babies. I love it. They're so lucky to have her.

Natalie said...

I love that little girl!! She has to look pretty for the "sand man!" Thursday she was getting up on my computer chair and hurt her knee and quickly got down to kiss it! I said isn't that grandma's job to kiss your boo boo? And she said no. She got up and climbed back on the chair.
She is so funny!

The Hull Family said...

She is so sweet Amy!! I love that she has her own fashion sense!!

Sarah W. said...

I love the last picture of Audrey sleeping in that non-mom picked outfit. She has always had her own idea's about everything! Those boots were made for walkin alright! xo