Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Now that Christmas is almost here I am feeling the urge to finally document our Thanksgiving this year. Sorry Thanksgiving photos are a tad late. Better late than never!

Our big Thanksgiving news this year was my beautiful Sis-in-law's engagement!

We enjoyed a DELICIOUS Thanksgiving dinner at Kyle's Aunt Shelley's house. We always look forward to meals prepared by Aunt Shelley b/c she definitely handles her business in the kitchen.

We had breakfast Thanksgiving morning with my family. It was HUGE and so DELCIOUS. Great way to start off a Thanksgiving day!

After breakfast we had a massive balloon party. There was MUCH screaming.

Audrey loves, loves, loves her aunt Rachie. Rachel was the first person to see her on an ultrasound and the first person to see her little pink line. Rachel also drove all the way to Newport Beach once or twice a day when Audrey was first born, to visit us in the hospital. I was SO sick during Audrey's first few days of life, this little aunt was so helpful to us. Rachel changed diapers and took good care of both of us.
Saturday morning I hit the streets hard for a little bit of this...(Stacy, I'm gonna need this bag when you guys are done with it!)


KaceFace said...

thanks for the shout out Amy! You've been so helpful with giving me ideas and advice. I'm so glad you're my siser in law!

Brooke said...

Congrats to Kacey...and yes- you are definitely a shop-a-holic!!! :)