Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Bday Gal

Happy Birthday to my BESTEST Gal! Since my best buddy isn't here to celebrate her big day with me (outta the country) I have decided to list 25 of my favorite things about her since she is 25 years old today. It was so easy to come up with 25 things, I could have easily come up with 50!!!

1. Ashley does the best burps EVER.

2. Ashley is a wonderful mother.

3. Ashley is a wonderful wife (I'm sure C-dog would agree). I'm thankful for her example (KT is too)

4. Ashley is the best gift giver!

5. Ashley loves only the BEST beverages.

6. Ashley is SUPER smart, I always go to her with all my random questions.

7. Ashley is really good at anything she decides to attempt.

8. Ashley loves T.V.

9. Ashley loses her baby weight fast (KT volunteered this one!!!)

10. Ashley is hot (I thought of this one...KT dares not to comment)

11. Ashley is soooooo much fun to do anything or nothing with.

12. Ashley is a great secret keeper.

13. Ashley has the HOTTEST mom.

14. Ashley gave birth to the first baby in the bunch and shared her with all of us.

15. Ashley loves her friends and family unconditionally.

16. Ashley loves to share dessert with me (one of my personal favorites).

17. If you make Ashley laugh hard enough she'll pee her pants.

18. You can tell Ashley the grossest thing ever and she'll still love you.

19. Ashley makes super yummy cookies (another thought from KT).

20. Ashley keeps her house super clean (another one from KT and I'm getting pissed at him and cutting him off from commenting at this point!!!)

21. Ashley lets KT use her facilities.

22. Ashley LOVES her, I do too (they are a must with kids).

23. Ashley throws wonderful parties with the yummiest food (ahem...German pancake, just to name one item)

24. Ashley is a wonderful shopping partner.

25. Ashley is a wonderful friend and buddy... I JUST LOVE THIS BDAY GAL SOOOO MUCH!!!


Kellie said...

I dont even really know ashley, but I love her because YOU love her and I love you!! So pretty much Ashley is GREAT!!! Happy birthday to your bestie!

Christensen's said...

I heart this list, and I heart Ashley! Fabulous list :)

Hess Fam said...

Well it's really hard to wish this gal a happy day when she is frolicking on some tropical beach out of the country! Who knows if she got my text but at least she'll get this! HAPPY DAY FRIEND (yesterday)! Now let's go celebrate!

A Rosie Family said...

Happy b-day to Ashley! Loving the idea of a birtday on some tropical beach.. lucky gal!!

Erin said...

I agree with all! Happy Birthday Ash. We must celebrate when you return.

Ash and Christian said...

Oh my gosh, that was the funnest/cutest/most hilarious thing ever. A big thank you to KT for all of his contributing. Thank you so much. I love you and could also name 100 things I love about you.

Time to party!