Sunday, November 2, 2008


You haven't lived until you've gone to the 9-0-9 and dined at the Spunky Steer. You can even call it Spunky's for short. You get the most yummy steak dinner for under ten dollars!

Audrey enjoyed her first had to be from Spunky's

We met Great Grandma Barbara and Kyle's family for dinner. It was extra special to see Great Grandma Barbara because she lives in AZ. Spunky's is one of her favorite spots.
Audrey enjoyed her first Tootsie Pop. She REALLY liked it. She shared it with Aunt Kacey.


Sarah Hull said...

IS that place in Redlands??? If not, there is one just like that there and we ate at it alot and it was full of funny people!
Let's seriously hang out ASAP. I have a pretty free week.

Kellie said...

Amy, I REALLY want to say nice things about this post... I REALLY do! But I'm just SO jealous!!!! That picture of Audrey eating that sucker and how ADORABLE she is just makes is WORSE! I love it. I hate it. But I actually love it. :) Ugh... next time make sure we're invited before having so much fun, K??? haha!

Brooke said...

LOL....Ryan and I used to go to the Spunky Steer in Redlands when we lived in Cali...good time we were seated near the kitchen door and the waitress would shout, "Corner" everytime she rounded the corner...HILARIOUS!!!

I love grandma Barbara...I'm sure she gets a kick out of seeing her great grandgirl....xo

Presley family said...

Oh fun! I can't believe that big little girl is already eating steak!! I just can't take it she is just too cute!!!!

Julia Loves David said...

mmmmm, It looks really yummy!! Audrey is just so cute working on her sucker and piece of steak ☺

Lulu Al-Shamsie said...

909? That's where Jason's at! I've never seen this place! We'll have to check it out! Love the lollipop shot!