Monday, October 20, 2008

Party Weekend!

We started off our weekend saying goodbye to summer at the beach with friends and family.

Audrey has been obsessed with this hot pink barbie hooker boot. She's been carrying it everywhere for days. I'll put it up and then it re-appears!

Saturday night the whole Williford clan went out for Sarah's Birthday. We partied at Walt's Wharf and it was DELICIOUS, as always.

Mom and Dad

The Williford Sisters

The complete Williford Sisters

Our Fellas
KT & I
The Birthday Gal and I
We finished our weekend with a picnic Sunday afternoon. Bruiser even got to come. Don't worry we had plenty of Diet Coke since we brought the whole 2-Liter!


Ash and Christian said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!

What a fun weekend it looks like you had. I think someone else's birthday is coming up. Time to celebrate (without kids and hubbies!) Yay!

Brooke said...

Awwwww.....your sisters are so pretty!!! looks like you girls had fun :)

We got a pic of Audrey today...what a honey.

That comment about the hooker boot was so funny and so something you would say :)

Kellie said...

You and your sisters and mom and even SISTER IN LAW AAAAND the baby are gorgeous!! What's goin' on in that fam?? I LOVE all those pictures, Amy!! Esp the one on the top of your blog! Can't wait to hear details of your fun filled weekend!!

Trisha said...

Fun weekend and you look sooo pretty!!

Julia Loves David said...

Oops! There goes the bent legs I was trying to avoid. Great food, great people, good laughs and all around fun night out on the town. Nice to get away from the routine of school and work :)

Anne said...

LOVE the hooker boot comment! Audrey is such a cute little pumpkin! Your picture you sent last week made my day! Thanks!

Sarah W. said...

Thank you big sissy for the b-day fun! You always bring the party. That baby girl loves the beach, she is such a California girl already. xo

Presley family said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!!! Oh, I love your family!! You are all so beautiful and sweet!!! BIG HUGS!!!!


Who couldn't resist a hooker boot, I mean, REALLY!?! HAHA, I love your blog, and Audrey is sooo freakin adorable!

Heather said...

You are stinkin funny about those quirks. I was laughing so hard. I love you though. You are like one of my best friends...I guess we balance each other out. Now what are yours?