Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun, Fun

Kyle and I started our weekend with a big celebration at Kobe's Japanese steakhouse. Kyle and Bryant reached one of their many goals, so we all went out to celebrate. A huge thanks for Grandma-Great for babysitting Audrey!

Sarah, my fellow RPM wife and I. This gal is everything...gorgeous and SUCH a good time!
After dinner, while getting into some mischief, Sarah and I insisted on stopping to enjoy a stranger's yard decorations. We enjoyed the decorations up close (on top of them) and from the sidewalk.
Saturday night, my sister Sarah and I had a little GNO with our friends Julie and Sandy. Julie lives in Las Vegas so I had to hang out with her as much as possible while she was in town.
Here is Sarah and Julie busting a move. We had such a good time. I'm so excited for Julie's next visit!
Sunday night we ate dinner with Kyle's family. It's our Sunday tradition. Here is Audrey looking deep into her aunt Kristi's eyes. She actually looks just like her aunt Kristi so I think she thought she was looking into a mirror.Here she is giving her Aunt Kellie some sas. Audrey is surrounded with beautiful Aunts everywhere she goes!


Sarah Hull said...

Oh girl, that sure was a fun night. I am still laughing about it....mostly about Kyle running and Bryant driving away!! I CAN not wait for more goals to be reached and I am SO thankful that you are the business partner's wife. I lucked out big time!
What a fun GNO you had with your sister and friends. You looked gorgeous as always.
I am loving that picture of Audrey and her aunts. Those Thompson girls are all knock outs!

Kellie said...

That house is VERY festive!! Wowzers. I think it's SO cute that grandma great bbsat Aurdrey!! I love that little girl! She gets more fun everytime I see her!

Presley family said...

Looks like lots of fun!! Aud is too cute!! as alwsays! You looked so cute in your costume!!!

Julia Loves David said...

You girls are just so cute in those costumes - I love it that you are already celebrating the Halloween festivities and celebrating goals!! Audrey is super cute with her super cute Aunts :) I just got out of class or I would have loved going to the pumpkin patch :(

Christensen's said...

Man, it's always a party weekend with the Thompson's! You girls look absolutely fabulous!

Kasey said...

Fun times! Kyle makes me nervous with his hand on your stomach...what is going on?