Monday, June 23, 2008

Too Hot!

This weekend required lots of water and lots of sunscreen!!!

We found a beached man

A beached Seal!!! That is just his head but he was HUGE.

Audrey got to go swimming at Aunt Kellie's with the whole family for her first swim.

Audrey putting her toes in the water at the beach

We stopped by 7-eleven for Kyle to get a diet coke (he had a craving) and he walked out with the biggest drink I've ever seen in my entire life! It was so heavy we couldn't even pass it back and forth in the car.

We ended our HOT day with some play time in front of the air conditioner


KManwill said...

That little Audrey...she has the best life!

Braden & Jodee Christensen said...

Hot, hot, hot! I too spent several hours closed off in our room with our little AC blowing hard. I love the beached man picture... ha ha

Trisha said...

You are such a good mom to have her all covered with her little rash guard and my Kyle drinks one of those huge drinks whenever he gets a chance!!

Hess Fam said...

Wait...was that seal dead or alive?
Audrey is looking way too cute in that little rash guard!

Kellie said...

Yay! I'm still SOOOO happy you three came! She was so adorable in that pool! Hilarious about the beached man!! hahaha!

Hull Family said...

You are pretty much killing me with the beached man. I almost couldn't handle it!!!!

I am with Megan, was that seal dead or alive??? I thought you wrote it was just the head.. until I read the rest, but I almost barfed at the thought of a sick seals head bobbing around in the waves.

Audrey might be the cutest baby in the world! I just love her darlingness!!

Please, I wish with all my heart that Bryant would ask to go to 7-11 and come out with one of those huge suckers! It would be my dream come true!

Amy & Kyle said...

The seal was not dead! If it were dead I would have been running away crying and barfing!!!