Saturday, June 28, 2008

Showering Shawna!

Today was Shawna's baby shower! She is having another girl. We celebrated at Shenandoah. I looked forward to this all week b/c I love this restaurant and I love this girl!

Shawna and I

Kacey and I
All in attendance
See's take-home gifts...YUM! Sarah...knows what's important!
Sarah, Vicki, Shawna and Kacey. I had to get a dessert picture b/c we ordered a few yummy desserts and passed them round and round. DELICIOUSNESS!!!
Ashley and I


KManwill said...

I'm so sad I had to miss it :( It looks like you girls had a great time (as always) and some tasty treats (as always). And yes, it really is this time of night...Insomnia anyone?

Hull Family said...

What a fun afternoon. Thanks for coming and making it even more fantastic. you are wonderful!

Kellie said...

You ARE wonderful and I bet you guys had a blast! Yummy Sees!

Kasey said...

Always a pleasure! you are so cute and are extra fun! I really want to get together again next time I am in town.

Cherri said...

What a nice lunch it was with you gals! The photo session we had afterwards was so much fun too.

Olive-us said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
What a sweet post!
I had the best time with you and all the other gals that day! You are the funniest and I love spending time with you.
Fun girls +Food Frenzies+ See's = Great times!

Natalie Jane said...

What a beautiful shower!

The Hull's said...

Love the new picture of your family at the top of your blog. You are looking SO skinny girl!!! How do you do it??
I cracked up reading that story about the homeless woman! I can relate to that!!

Julia & David said...

Happy 4th of July!!
I wish we could have made it today, but we already stuff planned out at my uncles. That is what happens when I don't check my blog until the weekend:( Have a great BBQ and eat lots!!

Julia & David said...

PS - I love the photos of all of you girls at the shower. Everyone just looks so cute in that first photo!