Monday, March 17, 2008

Gun Show

Sorry ladies...not the type of gun show you all were hoping for!

Kyle and his friends and family hit up the shooting range this past weekend. Here are some gun pictures. It seems like guns is all I've heard about lately! It's been hurting my ears!

Here is KT ... taking his gun very seriously.

Here is the shot gun a try.

Here is Kyle's sister Kellie...I couldn't get her right side up!

The boys... father in law.

My bro. Dave. When it comes to shooting he's got it all.

Big smile from Dave...he's all smiles when it comes to guns.

This brother's brother in law. He is sexy, educated and single... ladies. AND, he knows how to handle a gun!

Another picture of John...


Ash & Christian said...

Those silly boys and their guns. I was thinking that Christian was rubbing off on Kyle but obviously it runs in the family!

Way to go Kellie! Glad I'm not the only girl who likes to shoot a gun.

Miss you Am... see you soon?

Melissa said...

Kyle should try out to be on the next season of 24! Maybe Jack can show him a thing or two!

Kellie said...

Speaking of 24- I have a renewed appreciation for Jack!! How does he do it? And I LOVE the picture of ALL the guys either shooting a gun or watching. It's my favorite. Brett said he shot David's gun twice and that was enough for him because it hurt his shoulder so bad!

Jason, Alyson, Kaci & Brynley said...

Glad too know that my hubbys not the only one obsessed with guns! Silly, silly boys...and they tease us for the things that we love! Hope all is well...take care mama!

julesttdmom said...

Oh, boy that looks like lots of fun. Ummmm... I would stay away from your brother and a gun!! His smile is just to big! wink!! How are y'all doing???? I saw you amazing mom the other day. Tell her that we say hi Bev!

Julia & David said...

Yes, David has definitely got it all when it comes to shooting. These are such fun pictures, and the guys had so much fun! They should all go more often and we can have Saturday mornings to ourselves - haha