Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wedding !!!!

My sister in law, Kellie got married Friday in the L.A. Temple. It was such a great day. Since she was married on a Friday, the temple wasn't crowded at all and made for a totally relaxing sealing and temple grounds experience. I thought it was a great idea. The reception turned out beautiful as well. It was so much fun to see so many family and friends!! Kyle and I are so happy for Kellie and Brett. They are a great for each other and so in love!!!!

I have tons of pictures here to share. They are in the most random order because I can't for the life of me figure out how to move them around on here. So enjoy the random-ness!!!!

Kellie and Brett first exiting the temple as a married couple!

Kellie and Brett...always laughing and smiling.

Heather, me & Rebecca

Every time I asked Katie and Ella to post for a picture they took off running the other direction...this was the best I could do.

Groomsmen... keeping it real.

I want you all to..."say hello to Paul".

Silly Girls

The wedding party

I loooove this picture of Kasey, Aunt Shelley and Kristi. So cute!

The Thompson Kids

Kyle and Grandma Joyce

Kyle, Baby and I.

Kyle and his Mommy.

Grandma Joyce and I.

Kasey and Kristi

The Larsens!!!!


Hess Fam said...

Could you stop it right now with that cutest pink shirt. You are a pregnant MODEL!

Janet said...

Thanks for posting these! I've been dying to see them.

Hull Family said...

"HI PAUL!" (I am dying laughing). Paul needs to wear a sticker tag that says: "please just say hi to me... or else grandma joyce will stalk you until you do."

You were seriously a fashion super model at the wedding!!! I love all your pictures. Welcome to my world of trying to get a picture of those girls. I get nervous stomach just thinking about attempting to take our Christmas card picture. I thought the wedding was wonderful! Their day was fabulous. I just gave Natalie a CD full of pictures. We got a few cute ones.

Rebecca & Jaime said...

Hey girl - I have no clue why my shirt looks see through - I could have sworn it wasn't! Haha! Anyways, that was so fun talking with you - finally someone who understands Target and Nordstrom shopping sprees! :) Take care!

Lulu Al-Shamsie said...

OMG... Amy! I have to agree with the last comment! Seriously... when DID you become the Pregnant Model...!!! I think we need to sign you up somewhere... You look adorable in pink...!! So I imagine random people approaching you in Long Beach and telling you "you are the cuttest Prego EVER", and other not so pretty Prego's staring in jealousy...LOL. MISS YOU!!!

julesttdmom said...

You are one of the cutest pregnant women I have ever seen!!!!! Why can't I be like Amy?? wink!
Julie Presley

Chiemi said...

Yay you posted pics. I know for a fact Brett and Kellie have theirs, but they haven't put any up yet! Also I have to ditto what everyone else said, you are the cutest prego ever!