Friday, September 21, 2007

Lunchie with LuLu !!!!

I got to meet my long lost school buddy LuLu for a play date !!! We got our favorite things and took them to the park. We got the glorious RED VELVET cake from Bake N Broil and Starbucks...YUMMY! We took our tasty treats to the park and let the dogs play (actually LuLu's dog Chloe played while Bruiser yelled at her the whole time). It was so fun and relaxing !!! Lulu's dog Chloe is a total cutie and snorts like a pug... so cute. She is a french bull dog (right LuLu?).


Julia & David said...

Red velvet cake, I've got to try that sometime. Lulu's dog is really cute!

Hull Family said...

that dog scares me. How are you feeling? are you better today? I was worried about you.
Hope you're having a good day.

Lulu Al-Shamsie said...

AMY! I had so much fun that day!!! I miss you and our Starbucks runs... :)

Can't wait to see you again! Hopefully before the new addition comes! :)