Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

It's my mom's 58th Birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! We did a little BBQ-ing to celebrate and it was grrrreat (Thanks KT) ! We ended our meal with a special Harper's treat. My sister's family-in-law introduced her to this yummy dessert and she's been eating it for various meals through out the day ever since... we had to give it a try!

One layer of layer of yummy chocolate ice cream... and another layer of marshmallow... tastiness overload!!!!

We had to have a cake as well. Rachel wrote a huge "Happy" and then the B-day was totally small underneath, it was so funny. The B-day was eaten before I could snap a picture. We didn't realize how hard it was to write with a frosting tube! We didn't have the muscles for it.

My mom was showered with many expensive presents however I chose to display the most important two gifts here on my blog...
There's nothing like a good Star magazine! We're all about the trashy reading at the Williford house! We usually get the 1.99 mags. but we went all out for her Birthday and bought the big 3.49 mag. !!!! So special!

AND... See's candy! Another important pick on my list of her presents! Unfortunately I've been sick as a dog lately so I couldn't partake in the tastiness as it was passed around !!!! Total Bummer for me!


Hull Family said...

FUN NIGHT! HAPPY birthday to your mom. I love that you read trashy mags! It's all about guilty pleasures.
What are you sick with? What is wrong with you? Did you get the flu? I hope you're better now.

Julia & David said...

Oh yea, the best gifts ever!! I love your mom, she is honestly one of the nicest people I know. Thanks to David I’m so lucky to have her as my mother too! The B-day was great just hanging out, eating some of Kyle’s cooking & yummy treats provided Sarah’s great suggestions.