Sunday, March 31, 2013

Livy is 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our silly Livy!!! We love you so much we could just burst! 

Liv is our super smart and silly girl. She loves to play with the older girls and she remembers everything she hears. She's always taking notes and trying keep up with Audrey. She is very determined and knows what she wants. She's confident and doesn't care what others think... at all. She really likes to figure things out, she'll sit patiently with anything and work at it till she gets it right. She loves learning new games on the ipad and doing puzzles. She is really good with names. She knows all her cousin's names and all Audrey's friend's names. She loves to go to Target and Chuck E Cheese. She was SO excited for Chuck E Cheese on her Birthday. 

She knows her shapes, colors, loves to count and can recognize her name. She learned all of these things on her very own around 18 months. She learned her name from her nursery leaders writing it on her papers. I guess Kyle must be smarter than I give him credit for, because we all know she's not getting her smarts from me. She amazes us every day and she brings so much fun into our lives.

She always says, "I wanna go to target and buy some pink stuff, pweeeeeeze!!!" 

She's obsessed with her watches she's accumulated three or four of them, all the snap on kind. She's always got her eye out for another one. 

She still lays in her dirty/nasty bouncy chair (the kind babies use). If she ever gives it up, it's going straight into the trash! 

She loves her blankie, heaven forbid we ever lose it.

She calls herself "Ivie".

She often calls me "amy" when she's really excited or other people are around. 

She loves, loves, loves girly accessories. She carries a little back pack or purse full of them everywhere we go. 

Happy number 2 to our favorite number 2! 


Sarah Hull said...

Happy Birthday Livy Lou!!!! She is SO cute!!!

Luke said...

Happy birthday!!