Saturday, February 2, 2013

Breakfast w Audrey

For the past couple months Audrey and Liv have started to really enjoy each other. Audrey makes Liv breakfast almost every morning. It always includes hot choc or lemonade and some sort of a "set up". Usually it's outside but sometimes she sets up the tent inside for a clubhouse breakfast. When it's inside, she brings the portable dvd player and sets up a movie that she knows Liv will enjoy. It's so funny. It always makes a mess but I love the way Audrey has gotten so independent and creative and it allows her to serve her sister in such a thoughtful way. She spent the night at Aunt Kellie's house recently and I was kinda sad not watch her creations that morning, but after we picked her up she remembered and got right to work on a little lunch set up for Liv.

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