Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas 2013

My family came over before the girls woke up, so they could watch the girls wake up to their presents. We had a yummy breakfast and opened presents. Livy kept saying, "ooo, wow, thank you!!!" bless her heart. She's the most grateful lil gal I've ever met.

 Matt proposed to Rachel, a surprise to all. Rachel was very emotional and said 'yes'. Matt had wrapped Rachel's present in several boxes so she wouldn't suspect the small package. We all love Matt, he is such a great person inside, where it counts. So, we're all very excited to have him in our family. 

For dinner we went to Kyle's Aunt Shelley's house, where there is always a lively white elephant gift exchange.
The Grandkids.
The Great-Grandkids
Sad to see Christmas go. We sure enjoyed the season! We have come to an agreement with Audrey 


Kellie said...

I just LOVE seeing pictures on your blog of our girls together. They'll grow up to be best friends for sure! And I can't wait for Liv and Cami to be old enough to have the fun bond that Audrey and Gwen have.

CONGRATS TO RACHEL!!! I didn't know they were engaged!! That is SO great! I'm so happy for them and your family. Looking at that pic of Rachel crying made me cry. So happy!!

Rebecca M said...

My girls got that Tinkerbell singing box thing, they are obsessed with it!