Friday, May 18, 2012


Audie B
 Liv is OBSESSED with shoes...she has been since she could grab her feet. She's always been so happy to put on her shoes, even though she goes nuts when I dress her. Now she begs all day long to put on everyones shoes. As soon as they are on, they have fallen off again and the whole cycle repeats itself, all day. She tried to put one on herself and this is how it turned out. She was so happy though and so was I, because it actually stayed on this way. She ran around the house like this for so long.

 Audrey couldn't have cared less about this dress, until she saw a video of her Aunt Kacey dressed as Ariel in a wedding dress singing the Ariel tune. Now she lives in it. She's watched Aunt Kacey's video so many times and had to make her own video. Aunt Kacey is the perfect Ariel. I don't have Kacey's permission to post the video so I won't. 

 KT went out of town for a few days on a surf trip so we prepared a homecoming party to welcome home our guy.

Livie's hair is finally coming in a little and curling at the bottom. She's her own little person, all the way down to the hairs on her head.


KaceFace said...

Haha, Audrey looks so cute in her dress! Thank you for not posting that video, it's so embarracing! I don't care if anyone sees the pics though.

Kellie said...

Audrey in that princess dress next to the fireplace is ADORABLE. And Cami likes to wear her shoes around he house all day long too! "Shoes! Shoes!" I love the little curls forming on Liv's little head. So cute.