Sunday, April 1, 2012

Liv'n at ONE

Time flies when you're awesome! We sure die over our little one year old sweet heart.

Lately Liv...

Plays peek a boo
Growls...a lot
Says; dog (da), ball (ba), mom, dada, hi (while waving), bye bye (while waving). Her favorite thing to say is "wasssat?" (what's that) while pointing. She does this all day every day.
Liv walks and crawls. She prefers walking but crawls when she falls a few times in a row. She still half crawls and half scoots.
Liv points to her mouth when she wants to eat something...she's a total garbage disposal so she is always pointing at food when she sees it and then points to her mouth. When we go to cafe rio where the food is on display she screams while constantly jabbing herself in the mouth. Hard boiled eggs and pasta are her favorite foods.
Liv LOVES books, almost as much as eating.
Liv loves taking lids on and off things. I try to bring something with a lid to Sacrament meeting b/c it'll get us through the whole meeting.
Liv weighs 24 pounds and carries it all in her booty and thighs. So cute, I love it.
Liv has eight teeth.
I love Liv's smile. I think it's so cute and pretty.
Liv's eyes are like a blue and brown marble. I stare at them all the time trying to figure out what color they are.
I can't believe she's one.


Trisha said...

B is a growler too. We really need to get together with just the babies for a playdate.....or maybe just the moms:) she sure is darling that liv!

Braden and Jodee said...

Such a doll! Happy 1st birthday Liv!

Presley family said...

STOP IT!!! She can not be 1! She is just too cute for words! Such a beauty, just like her momma!!! Happ Bday Liv!!! BIG HUGS my friend!

Sally said...

These pics are darling. Love Liv!