Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sea World

We went to Sea World a couple weeks ago and spent the night in San Diego. It was SO much fun and I can't wait to do it again. Not crowded, no lines, kids get to see and touch everything and the BEST SHOWS EVER. It was like the ocean combined with Disneyland. Loved it.

Holy Whale!

Holy Teeth.

feeding the sea lions.

The dolphin, flying birds, whale and crazy diver show was AMAZING!

Can't wait to see you again Shamu!


Kellie said...

Hahahaaa! Your blog NEVER ceases to make me laugh out loud. That picture of Liv and the shark is sooo funny.


OHMIGOSH! I love Aud's face in the 3-D glasses picture! Classic!!

Sarah Hull said...

SO fun!! So so fun!

Natalie said...

The last picture is so cute of the killer whale with you two and Audrey. Audrey looks like she is closing her eyes pretending he's not there! (I might have night mares after seeing Liv so close to the shark)!!