Sunday, June 13, 2010

Disney Day

Disneyland is always way more fun when we go with Daddy. So when he takes a day off of work everything feels just a little more magical.

We checked out pixie hallow for the first time and loved it. Audrey LOVES Tinkerbell and was 100% convinced that she was going to meet THE Tinkerbell. It was so fun for me to watch her be so excited. She practiced her best Tinkerbell fly with daddy while in line. She was yelling "come on everybody", trying to make everyone go forward with her when the line was stopped.

Of course when the big moment we'd all been waiting for arrived...she panicked and hid in my armpit. She frequently asks to see her Tinkerbell picture though and is very proud of it. Tinkerbell couldn't have been sweeter.

I think it's so cute the way Kyle always makes sure he gets to sit with Audrey on all the rides.

I'm so excited to go ten hours early for the new water show at CA Adventure!!!!! I'm ALL about the shows!


Kellie said...

I don't know why I'm feeling especially sentimental today. This is SO sweet. Kyle is such a sweet dad! He sure loves that girl.

A Rosie Family said...

I agree with you. Good Dads make Disney complete.

Natalie said...

I told Lon to be sure and look at your blog today about Audrey cracking an egg.
I didn't realize you blogged about all three of you going to D.L.
I'm so glad Kyle takes time for his family ~ I LOVE to watch him with Audrey and see all the fun new games he teaches her. She is one lucky little girl!
I love you Kyle!

KaceFace said...

i love this post! I can't wait to get a pass next year when Easton is old enough!