Monday, May 3, 2010

Easter - 2010

Audrey set out some carrots for the bunny. She insisted the bunny ears be there for the bunny.

At some point before bed she re-arranged her offering...

Audrey spent the entire day with chocolate on her soon as she was wiped off, more would appear. There were too many chocolate givers for me to keep track of.

One, worn out bunny.

Audrey collected eggs like there were 30 other kids out there with her...she ran around like a greedy little maniac!


Natalie said...

Are these the pictures after driving all night to get home from Arizona? What a busy day you had! I love Audrey's Easter dress. "So beautiful."

Kellie said...

This is SOOOOO funny! Audrey running around like that makes me laugh out LOUD!! I love that girl! She makes everything 100 times more fun.