Sunday, April 11, 2010


Over Easter weekend we enjoyed our first road trip with Audrey. We went to Arizona to visit our family.

Audrey spent her day with the guys going jeeping while I went to a baby shower with the gals. We both had a great time! Audrey LOVED being outside and playing with her cousin Christopher whom she ADORES. This worked out perfect b/c Christopher loves Audrey too. She didn't even ride in Daddy's jeep, she rode in Ed's jeep so she could stay with Christopher instead! A HUGE thanks to Ed!

This particular hill was Audrey's favorite. The guys couldn't keep her off of it.

A HUGE thanks to Erin for letting us borrow her car dvd player...we wouldn't have made it to AZ without it!!!!!

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Kellie said...

I love how Audrey was hangin' with the guys. Such a trooper.