Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Double!

We had an extra fun night last night because we got to party Christmas-style twice! First we enjoyed Audrey's Christmas party at Gymboree...

It was extra fun because Kyle was able to join us. Gymboree with Kyle was a completely different experience for Audrey than Gymboree with mommy.

Don't worry...Kyle didn't embarrass us at all...

nope...not one bit

still not...

and still not...even when he got stuck...

I LOVE this picture...it pretty much sums up Audrey's entire night.

Here is Audrey in the middle of the "snowfall" (bubble fall).

This little ramp was meant for the kids throw balls at and then let them roll down. Audrey had other ideas...

KT had even better ideas than Audrey...we definitely got some dirty looks once this started going down. I had two rule breakers on my hands!

Audrey was happy to meet Santa...she gave a good high five and chatted with him later while enjoying her treat.

Thanks for the good time dad!

We hurried home to celebrate a very special Birthday! My dad turned 59 this week! As soon as we start lighting candles Audrey starts practicing her blowout.

Here is my bro David with his son Ryan. Ryan is such a little cutie and SUCH a good boy. He has turned into a BIG BOY too!


I was so excited to use my CUTEST EVER Happy Birthday sign. My friend Ashley made it for me and I'm in LOVE with it.

My Bday Diddy and I

Ever since I was a child I have called my dad "Big Boy" (you have to scream it out loud with a southern accent) and eventually my brother became "Big Boy Jr" . Here are both of my 'Big Boys'!

Party people

Luv this guy

Diddy...reading his cards...

Loving his present...a new coat from all of us. Rachel told him that it's totally fine if he doesn't like it, BUT, if he doesn't like it then he doesn't know what looks good. He promised her that he likes it.


Kellie said...

haha I love what Rachel told your dad about the jacket! It does look really nice! Happy Birthday to your big boy!!

Those gymboree pictures are SOOOO awesome! Kyle is such a good dad!!! I'm dying over the one where just his head is popping out of that barrel thing. And the one of him pushing aud down the slope. SO cute!

Hess Fam said...

Love the new header. Love KT in the barrel. Love that you were nervous about the rule breakers. Love all of it. Love you.

KaceFace said...

Hahaha...i love everything about this post! Kyle is so funny at gymboree and your dad is such a nice guy...he looks ten years younger than he really is!

Ash and Christian said...

a) I can't handle KT at Gymboree. I would have paid good money to see that (and in work clothes no less)
b) Cutest sign
c) Is your sweater from NY&Co? If so, I have it and love it.
d) Rachel's comment? Love that girl.
e) "Bday diddy"? Stop it right now.

Natalie said...

That is hilarious! I can't stop looking at those pictures they have me laughing so hard. I can't say that I've ever seen my own dad have fun like that even when it was only us at home. That Kyle continues to warm my heart. I bet everyone at the gymboree was cracking up!
Audrey's face say's it all. She loved having you both there. Next time you do something like that take our little movie camera. ~~So priceless~~

Happy Birthday David!
Ryan IS GROWING and oh so CUTE!

Natalie said...

PS: Is it the lighting or is Audrey's hair getting darker?

Shelley said...

I'll bet all those ohter children wished they had a daddy like Kyle. What a fun evening! Happy b'day to your dad.

Sarah Hull said...

I'm still laughing about Kyle in that barrel. I can't take it!