Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yesterday we met some friends and family for fun at the bay. It was SUCH a beautiful and relaxing day. We enjoyed ourselves over some bean and cheese.

SOMEBODY gave Audrey a See's sucker...every time anyone came close to her she started screaming while clenching it between her teeth. She was paranoid it was going to be taken away, which it eventually was of course.


Olive-us said...

When I eat See's candy, I also scream in fear that someone will try to take it away from me.

That girl is beyond gorgeous!!

Braden and Jodee said...

Hey, she knows what the good stuff is!

I love your blog header. So adorable.

I'm sad I was busy yesterday and missed the beach. Next warm day, I am there!

Kellie said...

BOTH of those pictures are AWESOME!!! First of all, I LOVE her little beach outfit! I want a swimsuit just like it! And her FACE in that second one is PRICELESS!!! There is fierceness in her eyes! Your header is SO cute, Amy!! I'm totally impressed with your collage making skills!

Brooke said...

Audrey is the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen....she belongs in the movies!!! What a little diva!!! xo

Natalie said...

Audrey loves her sweets and when she get's something she likes... "Watch out!"