Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby Audrey is finally here !!!!!

She's only been here a week, but we couldn't imagine life without her!

The pics. are in order from the bottom, start at the bottom and work your way up! I still haven't figured out how to move pics. around!!!

Aunt Rachel is officially in love with Audrey. She visited her every night in the hospital and visits her every night at home.

We had to put her in the super swaddle eventually b/c she'd totally scratched up her face playing with it... (just so everyone knows...the super swaddler looks like torture but babies love it)

Here she is holding the side. It cracks me up...

Audrey is in loooove with her pacifire. She works a hand out of the swaddle and insists on holding it herself. Here she is holding the handle.

My sister-in-law Julia made the cutest sign ever to welcome us home.

First ride in the car seat...gotta have the paci

Mom had to ride in the back with Audrey.

Dad, putting his daughter in the car seat for her first car ride.

Dad was so excited he put on a suit to welcome her home...just kidding, he had a meeting early that morning.

We showed up at the hospital with two generations and left with three!

Mom and baby...taking our first wheel chair ride.

Getting Audrey ready to leave the hospital.

Audrey all by herself.

Audrey with her Aunts, Kellie, Kacey and Kristi

Audrey and her Grandpas !

Audrey with Grandpa Lon

Audrey and Daddy

Baby Audrey just delivered.
Grandma Bev and Audrey

Mommy, just after Audrey's glad it's over and she's here!

Brand new Audrey 7 lbs 14oz , 20 inches

In labor...

Having contractions...just waiting to go to the hospital.


Rebecca & Jaime said...

CONGRATS! I saw some pics of her from Natalie ~ she sent an email to our ward, and also on Kellie's blog...she's adorable! Hope you're doing well!!! :)

The Peterson's said...

Congratulations!! What a cute name!
Hope she's not keep you awake too much!

Trena said...

Yay Amy! I can't wait to meet her! I hope you are doing well!

Kellie said...

YAY Amy!! You could steal some pics from off our flickr.

Jason, Alyson, Kaci and Brynley said...

Congrats Amy...hope everything is going well with your sweet baby girl! Love the name too...I bet she's a doll!

Deon said...

Yeah!!!! Congrats

Erin said...

She is so tiny and precious! I hope you are feeling better

tracy said...

Congratulations Amy and Kyle. And welcome to the world baby Audrey. The Bruce's are very excited for your new addition. Can I Sting fan?

julesttdmom said...

We are so excited for you!!!!! Enjoy every second... she will grow up way to fast!!!
Julie Presley

Hess Fam said...

Could you just stop it with your beauty? You look so good just before you went to the hospital, in the hospital, and getting home from the hospital. What's up with that? That little Audrey is ADORABLE! I'm so glad I got to come see her fresh out of the oven!

Braden & Jodee Christensen said...

Congrats again, she is sooo beautiful :) and you look amazing! I was in UT last week, but I'm for sure calling you this week!!! I'm seriously teary eyed right now, I'm so happy for you.

Brwrr said...
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Dustin said...

Congrats!!! She is sooo darling! You look so fabulous. How in the world does a person look so pretty with an oxygen mask on?!

Ryan said...

So Cute! Happy Baby!! She is a doll and you are a super model! Good Luck!

KManwill said...

Finally, some more pictures! We can't wait to visit again, but we're waiting until Brock isn't sick anymore :(

Kellie said...

I'm over here crying my eyes out! I loved Mommy and baby's first wheelchair ride!! You're so funny! And the one where Kyle has his face to Audreys puts a tear in my eye... I cannot believe my Kyle is a dad! I am SO happy for you both!

Jim & Allison said...

Congratulations! She is SO adorable! You did it! You look way too good coming home from the hospital. I hate my after pic. euu. She is so beautiful, just like her mommy. Each day gets better and better.